“Wings” Lyrics (A Song for my Mom & Dad)

This song was inspired by my parents Wes Gibson and Marilyn Gibson and first sung to them on their wedding anniversary in 1997.  I love you mom and dad.


Verse 1:

I took your hand and I’d take it again

A thousand times to feel the same,

Way I felt the day I promised you … as you put your hand in mine,

How’d we’d always stay together … how our love would fill the sky.

Verse 2:

Some live long and still regret

Never seeing what you get

When your life has been surrendered … to a nighttime full of stars.

And the path at which we follow … connects every single one.


God spent a million … on a set of wings.

They brought us this far … and they’ll keep on going.

And all you want is … right here and now.

Drink not the water … when the wine is pouring out … for you.

Verse 3:

Enough of me has wasted time

Wondering if I’ll ever find …

Words to give my thoughts a purpose

Days to make it worth the nights

Ground to stand upon my courage

A view to wake my tired eyes

Verse 4:

And so tomorrow’s here again

A maiden trail that never ends

All the lessons that life’s taught us … are the two world’s greatest gifts

Be the love that here surrounds us … be the trust we’ve built within … (to Chorus)

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) for his parents

August 1997


“Military March” Written by B.W. Gibson

The following are song lyrics I wrote to a march-style song honoring the four main branches of our United States Military.  These are shown in Book 3 of my Extra Innings trilogy “A Hero Among Thieves.”  In the early 1950’s, character Billy McGee joins the USAF and is eventually sent over to Korea.   His initial inspiration of how each branch function inspires him to write this song he calls “Military March.”  I thought since today was Veterans Day, I would share this with everyone.

I wish everyone a blessed Veterans Day as we reflect on the brave and honorable men and women who have given their blood, sweat and tears to preserve freedom.  Thank You!

Military March

One: Hail Hail

Many: Hail Hail

One: Army march the land

Many: Army march the land

One: The enemy is on our back

Many: The enemy is on our back

One:  But strong and united we stand

Many:  Strong and united we stand


One:  Hail Hail

Many:  Hail Hail

One: Navy march the seas

Many:  Navy march the seas

One:  The enemy’s approaching fast

Many:  The enemy’s approaching fast

One:  But we’re tested and built to last

Many:  We are tested and built to last


One:  Hail Hail

Many:  Hail Hail

One:  Air Force march the skies

Many:  Air Force march the skies

One:  Though the enemy may try

Many:  Though the enemy may try

One:  Victory is on our side

Many:  Victory is on our side


One:  Hail Hail

Many:  Hail Hail

One:  Marines march the scene

Many:  Marines march the scene

One:  The enemy is everywhere

Many:  The enemy is everywhere

One:  But all as one we will not fail

Many:  All as one we will not fail


Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson)  2007

As seen in Extra Innings:  A Hero Among Thieves

“Runaway” Lyrics

This song was inspired by a documentary program I watched back in my Puffton Village days in Amherst, MA.  The program followed the lives of a few teenage girl  runaways aways who were lured into a life of prostitution in order to survive life on the streets in Los Angeles and NYC.  I love the melody to this song, it’s very catchy and always performed well on stage.


Verse 1

Midnight, backstreet, got to find a phone or they’ll be Hell to pay.

In her, pocket, white-collared man’s bills she too ashamed to …

Count how many times she’s earned them … no thank you’s they just roll over.


Her nights know more than words can say, don’t ask why tomorrow never speaks … of them, they’re all she’s scared to be.

She’s lost to be in love, yeah.  She’s lost to be in love, yeah.  Oh ….

Verse 2

Visions fill her head and fade as they begin to paint … somewhere, better for her … than

Lying every way she’s learned the ropes so well she can untie her own knots.

Beginning with the first time, she wakes with bruises up and down her legs … that she spreads for dough.

No, no – oh (CHORUS)


There’s something about her.  About the place she comes from.  They love her and they’re searching hard …

And they will never let go … no, oh … no, no no.  (CHORUS to end)

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) November 1998

“Far Away” Lyrics

Verse 1

Didn’t I let you see  … I could be your Far Away?

Desert sands … gold dust shining.

Didn’t I make you feel … like the one’s you left behind?

Without colors … empty canvas … ’cause your rain washed them away.

So I’m … crazy for wondering … how our love … could let you down.

And you … so excited … to go your own way.

Baby why’d I have to know?

Verse 2

So I have to try … facing all my nights alone.

And I’m all out of strength … ’cause that came from you babe.

Just listening to the sound … of your silence echoing

You stand up for love … then it’s all ripped away …

so remember next time …

When you … are lonely and aching … for my hands … you could have stayed.

But you … were so damn excited … to go your own way.

Baby why’d I have to know?

One night … oh one night in bed … your tears will beg … the silence to end

Then you’ll wish you would have stayed.


You’ll never dream without a thought of …

You’ll never sign without a breath of me.


Written by B.W. Gibson

October 1999


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