Below are all credits and resources used for the creation and general maintenance of BWGIBSON.NET. No copyright infringement is ever intended. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the site can be directed to the webmaster below.


The imaged feature as the header throughout the site was designed and comissioned by Brian. The actual image was hand drawn and created by Adam Lichi. The image was further edited and colored by Aaron Smith to properly fit with site Version 1.0. The background image is provided free of use. The owner of the brush used within the web design is unknown.

The site was designed with Adobe Photoshop and designed for use in Apple’s Safari web broswer. Further broswer compatibility can not be confirmed or guaranteed. The framework of the site (html, php, css, etc) was designed by Aaron and further transitioned into a wordpress theme with help from Courtney at Autumn Sky Designs.


Brian can be contacted via his personal email address by clicking HERE or emailing His personal twitter account is @BrianWGibson. Comments on blog posts and approved pages are moderated by the webmaster but all are approved by Brian. Contact is always welcomed there as well.

You can contact the webmaster via EMAIL by click beforehand or directing your email to Any questions for the host can be made by contacting our webmaster. All press inquiries and further contact can be made via this EMAIL,

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