“Somebody To Love” is a old song co-written by myself and an old-time friend of long ago named Josh Gigliotti.  We were in a band together back at UMASS Amherst.  Josh shared with me with a poem he’d written about a girl back in High School who liked him.  The poem told the story of this girl who liked Josh and he never caught on – so before he knew it she was out of his life and he’d missed his chance at a possible love.  Verse 2 of the song was taken almost directly from the poem.  Josh is now with God and I wanted to share this song with my readers as a way to pay my respects to him and his time on this Earth.  Josh gave me a gift I will never forget: he invited me to go to church with him in Amherst.  I accepted the invite and through these Sunday mornings I established a strong relationship with Christ.  Thanks for inviting me Josh.  I wonder now if I ever got the chance to say that to you.
Also, I am so proud to have Josh’s mom – Lynda’s approval on this song and tribute to her deceased son.
Verse 1
Love could be the air he breathes and … he’d never know
Asleep beneath the ocean till her wave … rose him up, laid him down in a dream
All the time she hung around (he was running)
After what could never be found (he was running)
Lusting after love we …. keep on running
Need somebody to love … don’t run … don’t fight what you deny –
Verse 2
Walked along the shore to a rock where …
By it’s glow he was given sight
After all he found there to see
Least of all he expected to feel
CHORUS  … Guitar Solo by Josh … CHORUS 2X


I was eleven years old when I wrote my first song called Sunday Morning Blues.  It’s genesis began from nightmares I had as a child.  I would wake up in sweats with an intense fear of eternity.  What does forever mean?  There has to be an end?  How  can something go on and on forever and never end?  Through Sunday school and church I understood that heaven is the soul’s destination after it leaves the body.  There in heaven the soul lives for eternity.  That whole concept freaked me out?  It was far beyond my capacity to comprehend so one morning I wrote down my feelings:

Sunday Morning Blues

Verse 1:  Oh please, not here.  I’m trapped so young and alone.

Don’t know my own hands.  Oh I feel, dead lying … in my naked sweat.

In the distance a white mare coming for me.

No don’t want to go … face eternity … laid back candy-sucking land.

And after that ends comes what?  Huh?



I need to talk about it

Or I’m never never never never gonna figure out it.

All these tests and third degrees 

Are giving me the Sunday Morning Blues.


Verse 2:  Not now, I don’t need … to wrap myself in a box just to get a bow

Aboard some anchored ship … we’re suppose to sail

Cause somebody’s watching over me,

Lying here … half-conscious to my respects, for you in a dream

Now would all be gone … with somebody here

To quiet me of this damn scare.


Friends, this song was written for and in reflection of my friend Dan who died in a riot in Mogadishu, Somalia in the summer of 1993.  Dan was an inspiration of hope to hundreds of people with little hope.  Peace.

Desiree’s Seed

Verse 1:   Oh.  Angel.  How can I stand?  There’s some who’ve never walked before.

Blind … wasted … are my precious lines when some don’t even get one word.

All marching too … a different beat.

Their song just a little out of key.

We’re all just a friend to their disease.  Yeah.


Verse 2:  Safe … in your reasoning.  You won’t listen, unless to observe your own tongue

So hang me … strike me down!  After all, ain’t this hype just a test of nothing?

Courage – a bigger knife … than spirit.

Crazy love – take a dive in the water’s free.

On you stroll past their lives, how you hate to see them.  Yeah!

Will you turn away?  Will you turn away?  Will you turn you frightened, tight-ass face so you don’t have to see them?


Verse 3:  Scared … dying … but what does he care, there’s some who’ve never aged from youth.

It’s the road … that winds him … to the call that brought him there to his knees dying.

On a bed of stones, the dreamer’s waking

In a pool of blood … he looks away

To another world where he see’s God’s face.  Yeah!

Bridge:  Am I out of place?  These prison’s aren’t too far from grace.  Oh, no I still believe that – if you take my lucky hand … all I’ve received will go to waste, if it’s not given … away!


I was 21 or so when I wrote this song about a close friend who mine who was addicted to heroin during his sophomore here in college.  He conquered his addiction by his junior year and still remains sober still today!  Praise God!

Mornie Rivers

Verse 1:

She gave me some time for myself

Heaven’s always been good for my Hell

Smack in the eye of the hurricane

Day and night the spike is in …

Here alone with my shadows

And the walls … I got the sweats

I got the shakes … my skins beginning to crawl


Sing of Mornie Rivers

Carrying the tune

I wanna free my feelings

Feel the rush – rush now baby!

Tell them all a fever’s … got me running high …

From the hundred hour plane crash from the sky – – – 

Verse 2:

Hands and feet up off the floor

Sure feels like they’re dancing more and more

Everybody’s gone and let me down

They’re just jealous cause I’m gonna be a superstar!

I never felt before … till I felt you

I never have a cent … ’cause they’re all spent on you!


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