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When i was just a young boy
I played under the table
Sun beat down upon my face
And stars dried my tears
Now that I’m older
the hills have become mountains
They’ve grown so tall – I – don’t think I can see.
Oh I feel the wake of my sandbox empire sleeping ‘neath the waves.
Oh inside my freedom waits for high tide to step outside these imaginary walls.
Remembering the woodpiles
Dreaming they’re a fortress
All my little toy soldiers marching to a beat.
Now those walls have reached so high
with Senators and taxmen
perched on top … better hold on tight those walls are coming down.
And I feel like I’m suffocating in the forest
Lead me to some room
Arm in arm we are marching on
to Freedomland we will head this army of love
Let your heart hear the beat of everyone
As they unite and step in time in harmony as one.
And as the night grows darker
I hear the army singing
To every new home I moved their music led the way
And through the trees of critics
and waves of so-called leaders
we’re pounding doors and banging walls with every song we sing.

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