Trip of a Lifetime: Ultimate Africa: Day 2

November 4 – 6:30P

Arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa safely with luggage.   On the plane I watched Paper Towns (which was touching yet sad), Entourage (the movie) Antman (which I’ve been waiting to see ever since it came out) and the first half of Ted 2.  I slept on and off for maybe a total of 2.5 hours so I’m hoping to sleep well tonight.  Although the flight was 15 hours it didn’t feel as painfully long as I had expected.  Maybe I slept more than I’m calculating.

We are staying at Protea Hotels which seems to be a chain.   Accommodations are poshly modern.  Aryn and I just dropped off our luggage and are now going downstairs to meet her mother Judy and sister Katherine at the restaurant.  The room is small and the only thing separating the bedroom from the shower is half of a glass wall so we’ll have to get a bit creative with our bathroom privacy tonight.  Haha.

8:25P – The four of us ordered a bottle of South African cabernet labeled Warwick.  It was a very nice, dry and flavorful red.  I tried the Springbok Carpaccio which was served raw.  I learned Springbok is a type of antelope common to the area.   Its color was deep red and its texture was similar to salmon in terms of soft and almost disappearing in your mouth (not chewy at all).  It was tasty and paired great with the cabernet.  However, it didn’t fill me up so I ordered chocolate cake for dessert.  The cost for all four of us to eat and drink was $50 – not bad.  Going to bed now.  Exhausted. I have my mini travel fan next to my bed and some melatonin to hopefully help calm my curious mind and help me sleep.   Very excited to see our first camp and experience my first game drive.

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