“Windsong” Poem & Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

The last few days of my senior year in college I did considerable amount of reflecting over the previous four years.  I had some great times at SSU and UMASS Amherst and made some wonderful friends, most of which I am blessed to still be in close touch with today.  During that period of reflecting I wrote the following poem which, soon after, I put to melody. It’s called “Windsong.” I particularly enjoy singing the chorus lyrics because I truly think they sum up a person’s feelings about good memories.

I hope these lyrics inspire you to reflect on the good memories of your past and encourage you to reach out and connect again with old friends.


Verse 1

So this turning point of ours has reached its mile … leading out into the next.

What if our circumstances hadn’t been the right … place and time … would we still be friends today?

Verse 2

Treasured thoughts and memories will provide me … with the oils to paint your pictures.

I’ll hang them on my wall and take a look … when I need your smile … to lift me up again.


I wish someone had told me … (just) how quickly time can fly.

Rarely do we noticewhat we finally realizeand I hope it was all worth every minute.

Verse 3

I’ll keep our  crazy sense of humor on my mind (yeah)

And send you copies of the pictures.

Now I wish you all a world happiness … after all we’ve made … we’ve outgrown each other … (to Chorus)

Lyrics by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) 6-1998

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    Very nice -THANK YOU ,BRIAN!

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