“The End” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

The End” is a great concert opener.  This was always a fun song to open a concert with back in my “Vanilla Soul” days.  A lot of forward-moving energy to get a show started.  I love that the verse and chorus require dual vocals (signified by the words in parenthesis).  This song was inspired by a break-up (which I think is pretty apparent in it’s lyrics).  I believe that some break-ups can produce a sense of hope for reconciliation when we are open to recognizing and learning from our mistakes.


Verse 1:

Hey now (baby) this is not right.

Damn the love we had and damn every time we tried.

Listen (can you) hear the wind blow

Telling me there’s nowhere left for either one of us to go.


After all I gave you (You ruined everything we made – )

(You were always saying) Girl

(We would be forever)

I should have known better and never … never let you in.

Verse 2

Hey now (I know) this is the end.

Right now I need to be alone and let my healing all begin

Don’t need (your face) staring me down

Calculating every mistake I’ve ever made despite your own so –

(Set me) free for (once in your life).

Fought your never-ending negativity one too many times. (to Chorus)

Outro (after intense guitar solo):

No, no, no, no, no baby … don’t let the end of this be forever (3 x’s)

(Oh, no, no – )

No, no, no, no baby … don’t let the end of this be forever!

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) June 2003

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