“Better Off” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

Here’s a song I wrote for a friend who’s brother had committed suicide his senior year in HS.   Powerful instrumental, almost symphonic, hard rock intro (same power chords and energy used in the chorus) with a backed-off verse, almost mellow yet pulsing verse.  Miss you Chris!  You were an amazing individual who would have gone on to do great things.


Verse 1: 

Lying there awake … listening to your life.  Is it everything you dreamed?  Is it worth the price?

Anyone around … who knew the one you loved

Could see how much you looked up … and now he’s gone.  And he’s been …


Given … to the wind … oh … blowing your name

And this time he can”t change a thing

So he closes his eyes … and tries hard to make believe … it’s just better off this way.

Verse 2:

Some called it stress … others called it fear

All lies you would live for the next four years

Until another attempt came … and you couldn’t take the pain again … that he’d be … (to Chorus)

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