“Runaway” Lyrics

This song was inspired by a documentary program I watched back in my Puffton Village days in Amherst, MA.  The program followed the lives of a few teenage girl  runaways aways who were lured into a life of prostitution in order to survive life on the streets in Los Angeles and NYC.  I love the melody to this song, it’s very catchy and always performed well on stage.


Verse 1

Midnight, backstreet, got to find a phone or they’ll be Hell to pay.

In her, pocket, white-collared man’s bills she too ashamed to …

Count how many times she’s earned them … no thank you’s they just roll over.


Her nights know more than words can say, don’t ask why tomorrow never speaks … of them, they’re all she’s scared to be.

She’s lost to be in love, yeah.  She’s lost to be in love, yeah.  Oh ….

Verse 2

Visions fill her head and fade as they begin to paint … somewhere, better for her … than

Lying every way she’s learned the ropes so well she can untie her own knots.

Beginning with the first time, she wakes with bruises up and down her legs … that she spreads for dough.

No, no – oh (CHORUS)


There’s something about her.  About the place she comes from.  They love her and they’re searching hard …

And they will never let go … no, oh … no, no no.  (CHORUS to end)

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) November 1998

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