The Quest for a Literary Agent

Everything’s gonna be alright … everything’s gonna work out.  Awesome advice for a guy turned down by literary agents and publishers in a quest to plant my flag on this planet.  They always give the same excuse how in today’s shrunken economy they are unwilling to take on an unknown writer.  Too bad I’m not a celebrity – right?  

Anyway, my first book is called Extra Innings and the author is me … B W Gibson … and the more I examine it’s content and deliberate with close friends and colleagues, this 600+ page manuscript and its Young Adult target market are screaming for it to be divided into a TRILOGY.  A summary of Extra Innings is now posted under my WRITINGS tab here on my site.  Check it out!!

The best rewards in life come from achieving your goals and I’ve cast one helluva uphill climb for myself with Extra Innings.  I am so passionate about its originality and the magnitude of its content that I am determined to see this story reach as broad a scope as possible.

All goals present challenges.  For me, the supreme challenge of them all is Twitter.  I’m brand new to using Twitter and I can’t figure out why we’re not clicking.  It just ain’t happening between us right now.  I can’t get into it.  Even though, not a day goes by that my partner is not standing there reminding me to Tweet Tweet Tweet.  Oh well, I know it’s ultimately up to me.  So, my friends, wish me luck as I start this climb!  May the story of twins Jimmy & Billy McGee help me along the way.


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