With A Little Help From My Friends

What what you do if I wrote out of tune … would you pull my book off your shelf on me?

Recently, my caddy-cornered neighbor read the first installment in the Extra Innings Trilogy (“The Diamond Thieves”). My neighbor’s name is Allison and for 21 years she was the Librarian at the Temple Israel Library in Akron, Ohio. Allison has read over 1,000 books in her days and through recent conversations I’ve shared with her, I’ve gathered that she prides herself on being a fast reader. So when I asked her: “Did my book read fast?” I was delighted to hear a “Yes!” Together, we sat on her front porch and talked, at length, about her impressions of twin brothers Jimmy and Billy McGee, their friends, the book’s setting and its plot. Perhaps the most poignant feedback I received was that, although, the books’ main characters are young adults, Allison suggested that I market the book as an ADULT Fiction. She said “I would go all the way with marketing to an adult audience” considering the mature topics discussed throughout the story. This was great feedback and I agreed with her, especially considering the issues tackled in books 2 and 3. Thank you Allison for your time and experienced guidance. Both are greatly appreciated!

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