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Tip 1: The Key to Creative Writing

Creative Writing is one of the most fulfilling elements in my life.  The objective of my blog is to connect with writers and poets in a way that encourages and inspires them to take your creative thoughts and inspirations to the next level.  Taking your writing to the next level can sometimes be a real  challenge.  It’s known as writer’s block and fear is its commanding officer.  I, myself, often struggle with writer’s block, sometimes even within the first sentence of a new project.  Although it’s common do not allow the frustration of these moments to trap you into feeling like a victim.  Rise above the victimization.  Step away from the computer or piece of paper.  Take a deep breath and refocus your thoughts on what inspired you in the first place.  When it’s all said and done you will produce a piece of work you can feel proud of.

My efforts to encourage and inspire you will be delivered via tips and ideas – they are by no means a set of rules because when rules are introduced into creative writing and/or poetry then your writing turns into a restrained effort driven by conscious principles.  The minute this occurs your writing should be laid to rest.

Tip 1:

Let your creativity flow free with the mysterious meandering of your mind.  Capturing the tone of your mind’s images and emotions are the key to creative writing.


Winter Poem from Extra Innings: A Hero Among Thieves

Here’s one of the poems Billy (a main character from my “Extra Innings” trilogy) wrote while he was stationed with the USAF in South Korea (during the Korean War/Korean Conflict: February 1953).  I thought it was relevant considering the frigid winter weather we’ve been having here in Northeast Ohio (single digits).


“Beautiful Waste”

When twilight comes in winter

A dreamland of blue is cast by the pale moon’s light.

Across the shimmering valley of silver

Silhouetted trees are at peace in the quilted hills of white.

Like childhood’s cozy bedtime

Nothing stirs and all is quiet.

So I pray “Oh night, live long and bear no fruit that breaks the dawn

For when there’s sun this all becomes a stage for men to die.”


“Windsong” Poem & Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

The last few days of my senior year in college I did considerable amount of reflecting over the previous four years.  I had some great times at SSU and UMASS Amherst and made some wonderful friends, most of which I am blessed to still be in close touch with today.  During that period of reflecting I wrote the following poem which, soon after, I put to melody. It’s called “Windsong.” I particularly enjoy singing the chorus lyrics because I truly think they sum up a person’s feelings about good memories.

I hope these lyrics inspire you to reflect on the good memories of your past and encourage you to reach out and connect again with old friends.


Verse 1

So this turning point of ours has reached its mile … leading out into the next.

What if our circumstances hadn’t been the right … place and time … would we still be friends today?

Verse 2

Treasured thoughts and memories will provide me … with the oils to paint your pictures.

I’ll hang them on my wall and take a look … when I need your smile … to lift me up again.


I wish someone had told me … (just) how quickly time can fly.

Rarely do we noticewhat we finally realizeand I hope it was all worth every minute.

Verse 3

I’ll keep our  crazy sense of humor on my mind (yeah)

And send you copies of the pictures.

Now I wish you all a world happiness … after all we’ve made … we’ve outgrown each other … (to Chorus)

Lyrics by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) 6-1998


“The End” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

The End” is a great concert opener.  This was always a fun song to open a concert with back in my “Vanilla Soul” days.  A lot of forward-moving energy to get a show started.  I love that the verse and chorus require dual vocals (signified by the words in parenthesis).  This song was inspired by a break-up (which I think is pretty apparent in it’s lyrics).  I believe that some break-ups can produce a sense of hope for reconciliation when we are open to recognizing and learning from our mistakes.


Verse 1:

Hey now (baby) this is not right.

Damn the love we had and damn every time we tried.

Listen (can you) hear the wind blow

Telling me there’s nowhere left for either one of us to go.


After all I gave you (You ruined everything we made – )

(You were always saying) Girl

(We would be forever)

I should have known better and never … never let you in.

Verse 2

Hey now (I know) this is the end.

Right now I need to be alone and let my healing all begin

Don’t need (your face) staring me down

Calculating every mistake I’ve ever made despite your own so –

(Set me) free for (once in your life).

Fought your never-ending negativity one too many times. (to Chorus)

Outro (after intense guitar solo):

No, no, no, no, no baby … don’t let the end of this be forever (3 x’s)

(Oh, no, no – )

No, no, no, no baby … don’t let the end of this be forever!

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) June 2003


“Better Off” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

Here’s a song I wrote for a friend who’s brother had committed suicide his senior year in HS.   Powerful instrumental, almost symphonic, hard rock intro (same power chords and energy used in the chorus) with a backed-off verse, almost mellow yet pulsing verse.  Miss you Chris!  You were an amazing individual who would have gone on to do great things.


Verse 1: 

Lying there awake … listening to your life.  Is it everything you dreamed?  Is it worth the price?

Anyone around … who knew the one you loved

Could see how much you looked up … and now he’s gone.  And he’s been …


Given … to the wind … oh … blowing your name

And this time he can”t change a thing

So he closes his eyes … and tries hard to make believe … it’s just better off this way.

Verse 2:

Some called it stress … others called it fear

All lies you would live for the next four years

Until another attempt came … and you couldn’t take the pain again … that he’d be … (to Chorus)