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November 2014


“The End” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

The End” is a great concert opener.  This was always a fun song to open a concert with back in my “Vanilla Soul” days.  A lot of forward-moving energy to get a show started.  I love that the verse and chorus require dual vocals (signified by the words in parenthesis).  This song was inspired by a break-up (which I think is pretty apparent in it’s lyrics).  I believe that some break-ups can produce a sense of hope for reconciliation when we are open to recognizing and learning from our mistakes.


Verse 1:

Hey now (baby) this is not right.

Damn the love we had and damn every time we tried.

Listen (can you) hear the wind blow

Telling me there’s nowhere left for either one of us to go.


After all I gave you (You ruined everything we made – )

(You were always saying) Girl

(We would be forever)

I should have known better and never … never let you in.

Verse 2

Hey now (I know) this is the end.

Right now I need to be alone and let my healing all begin

Don’t need (your face) staring me down

Calculating every mistake I’ve ever made despite your own so –

(Set me) free for (once in your life).

Fought your never-ending negativity one too many times. (to Chorus)

Outro (after intense guitar solo):

No, no, no, no, no baby … don’t let the end of this be forever (3 x’s)

(Oh, no, no – )

No, no, no, no baby … don’t let the end of this be forever!

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) June 2003


“Better Off” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

Here’s a song I wrote for a friend who’s brother had committed suicide his senior year in HS.   Powerful instrumental, almost symphonic, hard rock intro (same power chords and energy used in the chorus) with a backed-off verse, almost mellow yet pulsing verse.  Miss you Chris!  You were an amazing individual who would have gone on to do great things.


Verse 1: 

Lying there awake … listening to your life.  Is it everything you dreamed?  Is it worth the price?

Anyone around … who knew the one you loved

Could see how much you looked up … and now he’s gone.  And he’s been …


Given … to the wind … oh … blowing your name

And this time he can”t change a thing

So he closes his eyes … and tries hard to make believe … it’s just better off this way.

Verse 2:

Some called it stress … others called it fear

All lies you would live for the next four years

Until another attempt came … and you couldn’t take the pain again … that he’d be … (to Chorus)


“There and Gone” Lyrics by B.W. Gibson

The mission of my blog is to connect and inspire.  This song was inspired by innocence and the quest for love that’s been lost.

There and Gone

Verse 1:

Sleepless left my room awaiting

Your window where you and left

The candle burning … somewhere are you out there … tonight?

Into the fog chasing your ghost

Wondering was I too fast, too slow

And I’m running, tumbling down for one last look … but you don’t show.


What if I shut down?

What if I just left?

What if I took everything I said back?

What if tomorrow,

I forgot to call?

Wondering would you even notice at all.

Verse 2:

Seasons change as love grows old

Your midnight dress still on the floor

The moonlight bathes your subtle traces following me around.

Sweet is the sound of your warmth where,

I lay come into your embrace

And this distance you have built between us is … tearing me apart (to Chorus)

Verse 3:

I won’t lose sleep, won’t be torn.

I won’t miss your dress on the floor.

How the touch of your skin left me believing … I’m almost again.

The velvet of your lips touches me down to my fingertips.

We dance again and heal the wounds we left … on each other’s hearts … so what if I shut down (to Chorus)

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson)



“Wings” Lyrics (A Song for my Mom & Dad)

This song was inspired by my parents Wes Gibson and Marilyn Gibson and first sung to them on their wedding anniversary in 1997.  I love you mom and dad.


Verse 1:

I took your hand and I’d take it again

A thousand times to feel the same,

Way I felt the day I promised you … as you put your hand in mine,

How’d we’d always stay together … how our love would fill the sky.

Verse 2:

Some live long and still regret

Never seeing what you get

When your life has been surrendered … to a nighttime full of stars.

And the path at which we follow … connects every single one.


God spent a million … on a set of wings.

They brought us this far … and they’ll keep on going.

And all you want is … right here and now.

Drink not the water … when the wine is pouring out … for you.

Verse 3:

Enough of me has wasted time

Wondering if I’ll ever find …

Words to give my thoughts a purpose

Days to make it worth the nights

Ground to stand upon my courage

A view to wake my tired eyes

Verse 4:

And so tomorrow’s here again

A maiden trail that never ends

All the lessons that life’s taught us … are the two world’s greatest gifts

Be the love that here surrounds us … be the trust we’ve built within … (to Chorus)

Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson) for his parents

August 1997



“Military March” Written by B.W. Gibson

The following are song lyrics I wrote to a march-style song honoring the four main branches of our United States Military.  These are shown in Book 3 of my Extra Innings trilogy “A Hero Among Thieves.”  In the early 1950’s, character Billy McGee joins the USAF and is eventually sent over to Korea.   His initial inspiration of how each branch function inspires him to write this song he calls “Military March.”  I thought since today was Veterans Day, I would share this with everyone.

I wish everyone a blessed Veterans Day as we reflect on the brave and honorable men and women who have given their blood, sweat and tears to preserve freedom.  Thank You!

Military March

One: Hail Hail

Many: Hail Hail

One: Army march the land

Many: Army march the land

One: The enemy is on our back

Many: The enemy is on our back

One:  But strong and united we stand

Many:  Strong and united we stand


One:  Hail Hail

Many:  Hail Hail

One: Navy march the seas

Many:  Navy march the seas

One:  The enemy’s approaching fast

Many:  The enemy’s approaching fast

One:  But we’re tested and built to last

Many:  We are tested and built to last


One:  Hail Hail

Many:  Hail Hail

One:  Air Force march the skies

Many:  Air Force march the skies

One:  Though the enemy may try

Many:  Though the enemy may try

One:  Victory is on our side

Many:  Victory is on our side


One:  Hail Hail

Many:  Hail Hail

One:  Marines march the scene

Many:  Marines march the scene

One:  The enemy is everywhere

Many:  The enemy is everywhere

One:  But all as one we will not fail

Many:  All as one we will not fail


Written by B.W. Gibson (Brian Gibson)  2007

As seen in Extra Innings:  A Hero Among Thieves