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September 2013


Kidnapping the Slave

In the midst of my lumbering through these chapter summaries I recognized a major opportunity area at the beginning of Chapter 10 when the boys kidnap Slave from “the mob” (their opposing team). I won’t go into any depth here since that would only eradicate the juiciness and suspense. I just wanted to share with everyone how eye-opening and a bit saddening it was to realize and area of Book 1 still needs further development. So onward I go with adding a new piece to Book 1 (The Diamond Thieves) and I apologize to the fans who’ve already completed Book 1 and will miss out on the additional drama between Jimmy & Billy’s team and “the mob.”


Chapter 4 Summary (The Diamond Thieves)

Skip calls everyone to an early morning emergency meeting at the baseball diamond. After the meeting, the twins decide it best to take a short-cut through the woods which side-tracks them on an eye-opening journey making them late for church.


Chapter 3 Summary (The Diamond Thieves)

This hot summer day is about to become a scorcher as Jonas and his band of neighborhood troublemakers show up at the baseball diamond with one goal: they want the diamond for themselves.  Jimmy, Billy and all their friends have been playing ball there for years and they aren’t about to give it up to the likes of Jonas and his mob.  The settle the score, the two teams challenge each other to a baseball game where he winning team will get full reign over the baseball diamond once and for all.


Chapter 2 Summary (The Diamond Thieves)

Saved from captivity by their friend, Skip, the twins make their way into the small town of Eugene, Mississippi.  Along the way, they pick up their colorful cast of friends for what they expected to be a friendly little game of baseball.