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January 2015


Tip 1: The Key to Creative Writing

Creative Writing is one of the most fulfilling elements in my life.  The objective of my blog is to connect with writers and poets in a way that encourages and inspires them to take your creative thoughts and inspirations to the next level.  Taking your writing to the next level can sometimes be a real  challenge.  It’s known as writer’s block and fear is its commanding officer.  I, myself, often struggle with writer’s block, sometimes even within the first sentence of a new project.  Although it’s common do not allow the frustration of these moments to trap you into feeling like a victim.  Rise above the victimization.  Step away from the computer or piece of paper.  Take a deep breath and refocus your thoughts on what inspired you in the first place.  When it’s all said and done you will produce a piece of work you can feel proud of.

My efforts to encourage and inspire you will be delivered via tips and ideas – they are by no means a set of rules because when rules are introduced into creative writing and/or poetry then your writing turns into a restrained effort driven by conscious principles.  The minute this occurs your writing should be laid to rest.

Tip 1:

Let your creativity flow free with the mysterious meandering of your mind.  Capturing the tone of your mind’s images and emotions are the key to creative writing.


Winter Poem from Extra Innings: A Hero Among Thieves

Here’s one of the poems Billy (a main character from my “Extra Innings” trilogy) wrote while he was stationed with the USAF in South Korea (during the Korean War/Korean Conflict: February 1953).  I thought it was relevant considering the frigid winter weather we’ve been having here in Northeast Ohio (single digits).


“Beautiful Waste”

When twilight comes in winter

A dreamland of blue is cast by the pale moon’s light.

Across the shimmering valley of silver

Silhouetted trees are at peace in the quilted hills of white.

Like childhood’s cozy bedtime

Nothing stirs and all is quiet.

So I pray “Oh night, live long and bear no fruit that breaks the dawn

For when there’s sun this all becomes a stage for men to die.”