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August 2013


A Summary Resume

Ann McIndoo is an Author’s Coach who was referred to me by a friend & colleague of mine.  Ann suggested that I create a Summary Resume for my book Extra Innings.  I’ve completed the first half and am now working on the second half which is a Table of Contents using 2-3 powerful impact sentences to summarize each chapter.  Holy Cow!  Summarizing each chapter is much more challenging than what I had initially perceived.  Wish me luck world!

For anyone who is interested Ann’s website address is



When Things Are Moving Slow …

You Gotta … Pick up the pace – Before you find yourself fallin’ behind the race – Get on your game face – Better learn to think fast – Their comin’ through the cracks – And watch your back – So you don’t have to take smack!
BW Gibson 2013


Detailing Characters & Settings: Is More Less Better Than More?

In the collection of conversations I’ve had around the topic of character & setting details in a literary work, I have heard an overwhelming response of folks in favor of authors who provide vast amounts of detail when describing a character’s physical description. And the same goes for a setting if its a key location (such as the town or street where a character lives, a room where important pieces of the story take place, etc).  For example, chapters 1 -3 of The Diamond Thieves well-depicts the main characters physical description and personalities. This is especially important since they are identical twins yet extremely different personality-wise. I have only heard of readers preferring that a character be more left up to that reader’s imagination for minor more utility role characters & places in a book.  The beginning chapters also provide an abundance of visual imagery to describe the small, fictional, Southern town of Eugene, Mississippi.


Editing Book 2 Underway

Editing Book 2 of the Extra Innings Trilogy (Race of the Gemini) is underway. I have decided to go with my brother-in-law’s cousin Derek Mitchell. Derek is a writing tutor with his bachelor of arts from Kent State University. We had a great talk yesterday regarding his impression of Book 1 (The Diamond Thieves). Derek said he enjoyed getting to know the characters and said it was a fast read that kept him interested through all 160 pages. More to come as I take this journey with Derek deeper into the lives of Jimmy and Billy McGee.


Further Insight on Korea

I recently met a new friend.  His name is Jimmy Watkins and he stationed with the Army over in South Korea during the “Korean Conflict” (aka Korean War) of 1950-1953.  Jimmy shared with me some fascinating stories and literature from that place and time.  Jimmy was generous enough to grant me permission to convey his personal experiences in Book 3 of my Extra Innings Trilogy as one of the main characters joins the USAF and is shipped off to Korea for the first third of the book.  Thank you Jimmy for this brief window into your life’s exciting history.