A Summary Resume

Ann McIndoo is an Author’s Coach who was referred to me by a friend & colleague of mine.  Ann suggested that I create a Summary Resume for my book Extra Innings.  I’ve completed the first half and am now working on the second half which is a Table of Contents using 2-3 powerful impact sentences to summarize each chapter.  Holy Cow!  Summarizing each chapter is much more challenging than what I had initially perceived.  Wish me luck world!

For anyone who is interested Ann’s website address is www.soyouwanttowrite.com


When Things Are Moving Slow …

You Gotta … Pick up the pace – Before you find yourself fallin’ behind the race – Get on your game face – Better learn to think fast – Their comin’ through the cracks – And watch your back – So you don’t have to take smack!
BW Gibson 2013

Detailing Characters & Settings: Is More Less Better Than More?

In the collection of conversations I’ve had around the topic of character & setting details in a literary work, I have heard an overwhelming response of folks in favor of authors who provide vast amounts of detail when describing a character’s physical description. And the same goes for a setting if its a key location (such as the town or street where a character lives, a room where important pieces of the story take place, etc).  For example, chapters 1 -3 of The Diamond Thieves well-depicts the main characters physical description and personalities. This is especially important since they are identical twins yet extremely different personality-wise. I have only heard of readers preferring that a character be more left up to that reader’s imagination for minor more utility role characters & places in a book.  The beginning chapters also provide an abundance of visual imagery to describe the small, fictional, Southern town of Eugene, Mississippi.

Editing Book 2 Underway

Editing Book 2 of the Extra Innings Trilogy (Race of the Gemini) is underway. I have decided to go with my brother-in-law’s cousin Derek Mitchell. Derek is a writing tutor with his bachelor of arts from Kent State University. We had a great talk yesterday regarding his impression of Book 1 (The Diamond Thieves). Derek said he enjoyed getting to know the characters and said it was a fast read that kept him interested through all 160 pages. More to come as I take this journey with Derek deeper into the lives of Jimmy and Billy McGee.

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